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A good reaction and radio interview

Ok, so anyone reading this latest post will correctly observe that it was this night last week that I wrote the previous one. I am not going to just write on Wednesdays either. It just came about that way. The object here is to try and write as much as I can about what is happening with me and my music so that people can get to know me and also to get to know what I choose to share about myself.

Anyway, before I continue with the point of this post I would like to thank those people that sent me comments on my last post. It was nice that you took the trouble to read and give me feedback. I welcome comments from people and at least I know that if you are commenting then I am not just writing to myself.

Mostly Saturdays are usually days of relaxation for me. Well, the mornings certainly are anyway. However, last Saturday I needed to meet my friend Stuart as we needed to practice for a wedding that we are playing at this Saturday. So, this meant an early enough start for myself and Ralph from Carlow.

In complete contrast to most of today, last Saturday morning was a lovely bright sunny one and I had debated bringing a jacket with me in case it rained but I was glad afterwards that I didn’t.

We arrived at Stuart’s apartment mid morning somewhere after 11:00 and got the practice out of the way for the Wedding. I brought along my new CD for Stuart to listen too. Stuart broadcasts an internet radio show every Saturday on hkc radio where he does a mixed bag of a programme. Sometimes he will have guests on the show with him and other times he just has features which he has prepared and then usually just bits and peaces of chatter about entertainment and things that are catching his interest at the time of the show. He decided to review my tracks on the show after hearing them for the first time. He seemed genuinely impressed with them and, knowing Stuart as I do I knew that the musical arrangements would certainly be something that he would observe.

After some lunch we headed into the studio to start the show. We had a late start for reasons beyond our control. I was amazed at the reaction of the people who listened to the tracks. While talking to Stuart we were both getting messages from the listeners saying how much they liked what they were hearing and just generally saying that they were enjoying the show. It was nice to have some friends listening to support me also.

Ok, so this particular interview was not the most serious one I have ever done and it certainly was good fun to do. Myself and Stuart go back a long way so when I sit in a studio with him and talk to him I forget that we are actually really broadcasting a show and that lots of people will be listening to it. Its just like two friends having a bit of fun really. I like that though. Its natural and its not stuffy or anything. I don’t know if we made the best of radio presentations and after hearing the podcast I said to myself, jesus, did I really sound as bad as that? Anyway, we all say things like that about ourselves when we hear back interviews or recordings of ourselves so it probably was grand. You can actually hear a podcast of the show by visiting Stuart’s site and look for the latest one. He podcasts all of his shows and shur why not check him out on hkc every Saturday from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. And that is Irish and UK time for anyone reading this from other countries. Thank you Stuart for reviewing my tracks on your show.

As I write, my site is starting its overhall and over the next while there will be changes to it. I will tweet and blog about all of this when it happens.

A little catch up and some musical happenings

Well, its absolutely ages since I wrote here but I thought I might as well give it a blast as they say.

A friend of mine told me to start blogging again a few months back when I asked her to help me with something so, Emma, I am going to dedicate this post to you also.

I have always wanted to go back into the studio again, so I eventually headed back in there in January. Last year I had in fact started working on some new tracks but I sort of parked it at the time, fully intending to come back to it but didn’t get round to it till this January. I was heading on a Cruise in May which turned out to be a great success and I wanted tracks ready for it to have something new as its been a while since I went into the studio. Anyway… to stop myself waffling I will just carry on and say that I got myself back into the studio and began working again on my latest offerings. This studio experience for me was very positive and very enjoyable. I had the pleasure of having a great producer and a friend working with me who I have played with many times before. Ollie Hennessy is well known to people around here as he is a local man but Ollie has worked for years as a producer and a stage musical director for many different people and shows and has done lots of television work with RTÉ. I worked very closely with Ollie and Frank the engineer and we brought in several more musicians to make the tracks as good as we possibly could.

The four tracks which I have recently releaced are, Take Me Home To Carlow which was composed by Declan Smith a local man. The Voyage which a lot of people will know from hearing Christy Moore sing, Raglan Road which I probably again do not need to talk about as it will also be one that a lot of people will know. And finally, Through The Eyes Of An Irish Man. This song has sort of been in my head for a long time to record. Terry Bradford wrote this song and he is an English musician who I have seen perform before.

At the moment I am busy trying to get my CD around to radio stations and also trying to get it on general distribution so I will keep people informed as to how that is going.

I am very shy sometimes about my friends hearing my music. I don’t really know why that is. I suppose I worry that they might not like it or that its just that I get nervous around them because if its just the general public then I will sing or play away and it will not bother me. Recently I had some friends come down for my birthday which was meant to be a surprise but which ended up not to be but that is another story. Anyway, they persuaded me to let them listen and well, they actually liked it and that did please me.

Quite recently I was contacted by my friend Trudi Lalor who I have worked with in the past on different occasions to ask me if I would be her guest and take part in the Glór Tíre competition. This is a competition that has been running for the past number of years on TG4 which is our television station here in Ireland which braudcasts in Irish. This programme is a country music competition. I have sang country stuff for most of my musical existance and my new tracks have mostly a folk feeling to them which is what I wanted but I thought about it and figured that this programme would give me the exposure that may prove valuable in the future.

Last week I travelled to Galway to take part in pre-recorded shows where I was joined by Trudi for one of them and we sang together. I will talk more about these shows and how they went at the time they are going to be shown on TV which will be in mid September. I will say though that I did have a good few days and found the crew and all concerned at the venue very helpful and friendly to me. There are eight other people taking part in this competition so who knows how it will all pan out. I will be looking for votes so will be grateful of your support when the time comes round.

So, that is a condensed few paragraphs of what I have been getting up to lately. I do plan on trying to keep more up to date on my blog and letting people know what I am up too here. Its surprising how much you can write when you start but I’ll sign off for now and do feel free to comment and engage with me here.

Welcome spring

Ok, so its finally spring and no matter what the weather people say it has been spring since February. I was thought in school that spring begins in February and the months of spring are February, March and April so its great now that in March we are finally seing the beginning of spring.

Was talking to a person earlier today that assures me that this summer is supposed to be the warmest in 3 to 4 years. Is that just wishful thinking I wonder?

I am not a sun worshiper. Well, I can’t afford to be as I am very fair skinned and so if I am left out in the sun I will just burn up rather nicely and it will really hurt. Any fair skinned people out there that don’t believe me don’t actually try it cause I have and have had the sun stroke to go with it also.

So, its great to see the spring finally here but was the winter all bad?

In an earlier post I wrote about icy roads and about the transport networks being grounded to a hault but that was the fault and the lack of ability of the state to deal with it all rather than the weather. As I said then in other countries it gets cold like that every winter and they can deal with it no problem and have their resources carefully in place. Now its spring as I have said and yesterday I heard that our national bus company is cutting more services. Maybe that is because the roads are now damaged from the ice and frost and they won’t pay to fix them? Well, no, they say not but Hmmm, it might be part of it?

Remembering the good old days

Ok, I don’t want to be accused of being some boring fella with too much time on his hands but last night I just got thinking about the good old days.

Or, were they?

I suppose I look on my life as a series of events and I don’t know why but the past two nights I have dreamed that I was back in school. I don’t know why this is and what significance it has but it was a bit crepey. It wasn’t that I was back and it was the old days but back as if I was in the present and meeting teachers that I didn’t know but somehow thinking that they had started there or something.

Anyway, it just got me thinking of my childhood and the things that I got up to and how I use to dread each weekend ending as I had to make sure that my bag was packed and all homework done and saying goodbye to everyone as I got into the car to head back to school in ublin for another week. There were times that I really envied my brother and sister that got to stay at home and go to school in Carlow where I am from. Being blind meant that I didn’t have the opportunity to stay at home and be educated here.

So, sitting here in my sitting room tweeting I just suddenly thought, haven’t things changed so much since the time I was a kid.

I remember when I was young I wanted to be in radio. I wanted to be a presenter or a news reporter or just anything that involved working in radio. I use to pretend that I was and that I had my own programme. Music was a big part of my life and while we only had the two national stations when I was small the radio was a big part of my day and indeed I spent long hours listening to it or tapes and even racords that my parents bought for me.

As kids we all rode bikes and I remember doing that also around the yard which was quite big and we had a horse which myself and my brother use to take out and I could even walk her round our garden and she was just so gentle with me.

Nowadays it is all different. Sure I have grown older and my life is now changed so much but even for kids growing up now its all so different. Computer games now take the place of going out cycling or horse riding or simply playing outside and stuff like that. Will the kids of the future just not bother getting out and about and just taking in fresh air instead of just being in watching TV and playing computer games?

Ok, so it just got me thinking. I wonder if it will get others thinking of their childhoods also?

Christmas 2009

Well, its all over.

All that shopping and organising and wrapping of presents and cake baking, Hmmmmm, not that I did any of that, and drunken Christmas parties, yes I did one of those are all gone for another year.

When does it really all begin?

We dont even have time to get Halloween out of the way now before we are all thinking about it and then it just comes and suddenly all the days leading up to it have just slipped us by and we are in the middle of Christmas day.

Well, not quite, it starts for me on Christmas eve. I went to Midnight mass and listening to the priest talking and the choir singing Silent Night and Angels We have Heard on High immediately allowed me to feel that it was Christmas and that it had finally come.

I won’t bore you with much of yesterday morning as it was just spendt getting ready to go to my parents for Christmas dinner and seing the rest of the family.

What I did decide to do was to send everyone in my phone book that I talk to a text for Christmas as I was sick of getting messages that I would have to reply to individually so I just said feck it, lets jus send everyone one. It mightn’t be the most personal but hey, it did the trick didn’t it?
Dinner was lovely. IT was so nice that I had to have an extra portion the greedy pig that I am.
We have done a Kris Kindle at our house over the past few years and I think its great. My sister Audrey was my Kris Kindle and I had my other sister Karen. Audrey gave me a vouture for a local record shop which is great as I wll then choose my own music from that and I went to a local healthcare/beauty store where a lot of the girls would know Karen and I got one of them to put together some products for me as a gift that she would enjoy using. My granny gave me a present also of a vouture for a local clothes shop that I go to and I will use that in the near future. I also bought her a little set with perfume and other bits in it.

Then there came the TV moments and I have to say for me this year Fair city was the most exciting. Things on the street were a bit more predictible as I had been hearing about what the possi ilities were and in the east end, well, my money is on Stacy as the one that has killed Archy.
So, apart ffom a bit of serfing on the TV for different things that may be on and a few cans that sort of ended my Christmas day. I wouldn’t change it though as I love spending it at home.

Off to England for the new year and I have one more gift to pick up over there but as of yet it has been kept a secret so I really don’t know what it is.
So, that was my Christmas, nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular just a plane ordinary Christmas for me and its the way I like it.

Is anyone out there?

Ok, I’m here!

I really don’t know what I am doing but I have decided to start this blogging lark to see where the hell it leads me.

Why do I want to do this?

Do people really want to read about me?

The simple answer is that I just really don’t know. I have been reading blogs for the past while and well, I always have something to say about almost everything so I have decided its my turn to start writing.

By now you will have looked in some detail at my website which I have to thank my friend Darragh Ó Héiligh for his hard work and patience cause when he has to try and teach me he needs it and he is probably going to head to the pub now to get a pint as I am thinking that he probably is wishing at different times during the past few hours he could thump me to try and get stuff into my head but there you go, I think I am finally cracking it.

Technology has never been my strong point and I use it for whatever I need it for. My girlfriend says I am a geek cause I like gadgets but put me in front of a PC and ask me to create a blog or something like that and well, no, that just won’t happen but now, I am commiting myself to be more serious about this web stuff. I will make my new years resolution for 2010 now, at the end of 2009 and say that both my site and blog will be updated frequently.

Right, that is it. I am not going to write any more for now.

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