Ok, so its finally spring and no matter what the weather people say it has been spring since February. I was thought in school that spring begins in February and the months of spring are February, March and April so its great now that in March we are finally seing the beginning of spring.

Was talking to a person earlier today that assures me that this summer is supposed to be the warmest in 3 to 4 years. Is that just wishful thinking I wonder?

I am not a sun worshiper. Well, I can’t afford to be as I am very fair skinned and so if I am left out in the sun I will just burn up rather nicely and it will really hurt. Any fair skinned people out there that don’t believe me don’t actually try it cause I have and have had the sun stroke to go with it also.

So, its great to see the spring finally here but was the winter all bad?

In an earlier post I wrote about icy roads and about the transport networks being grounded to a hault but that was the fault and the lack of ability of the state to deal with it all rather than the weather. As I said then in other countries it gets cold like that every winter and they can deal with it no problem and have their resources carefully in place. Now its spring as I have said and yesterday I heard that our national bus company is cutting more services. Maybe that is because the roads are now damaged from the ice and frost and they won’t pay to fix them? Well, no, they say not but Hmmm, it might be part of it?