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The Nicky Kealy Christmas show in the seven oaks Carlow.

Christmas is coming apon us once again and this year I am delighted to be hosting my very first Nicky Kealy Christmas show here at the Seven Oaks hotel Carlow on Friday 7th of December.

Appearing with me on the night will be Louise Morrissey, The Benn Sisters, local priest Fr Liam Morgan, John Kelly, Padraig Darcy and current Glor Tire contestant Adrian Ryan.

Doors open at 7:30 with the show kicking off at 8:00. All ticket enquiries can be made to the hotel or through this website. As I am a Guide Dog owner and have been a supporter of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind for many years, I am having a raffle on the night with lots of great prizes for the festive season. All proceeds from this raffle will go to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Off to sea again

It only seems like a short while ago since I came back from my last cruise in Bermuda but later tonight I set off on my travels again. This time I am heading back to the Caribbean. I have been fortunate to have been a part of the Gurtrude Byrne All Star Irish American Cruises since around 2000. I have not been on the bill for every trip but have hugely enjoyed the ones that I have been on and I think this will probably be my seventh one. I am very grateful to Gertrude and her team for inviting me back again this year. I will be privileged to be able to get to sing along side some top entertainers that Ireland has to offer in different genres. Mostly it will be country music and Irish folk music that will be played through the themed cruise. As I consistently say on here I never like to take anything for granted and am just always grateful for the kindness shown to me by other artists in the music industry and also the kindness that is shown to me by the other passengers that travel with us. I am very much looking forward to seeing some old friends that I have made during my previous trips and meeting new people and chatting to them. I will hopefully blog on my return and let you all know how the week was and if anyone is reading this that will be joining us on Sunday do feel free to say hi to me at any time during the week if you see me around.

My first night on the box

Well, the night finally came. I had told you earlier in the summer that I was taking part in Glor Tire on tg4 this year. I meant to blog before the show to just talk a little about it but I have to say that I was very nervous about it and so decided I wouldn’t write anything till the show actually went out.

All day yesterday I was very nervous. I said to a few people that I really shouldn’t have bothered going to work as I just couldn’t consontrate there. I know at times people will say that its good to keep doing stuff if you have something on your mind or, if you are waiting in anticipation for something that is about to happen but yesterday was just a day I don’t want to have again. Its not that things were really bad or anything. It was just that I was very tense and edgy as to how it would all go and what people would think of my performance.

I had decided earlier in the week to go for dinner with my sister Karen yesterday evening and two of her friends. This was a good decision for me as it got me away from thinking about the show which was going to be shown at half ten. I even had a pint just to calm the nerves. I left the pub and was back home for about 10:00. Karen wanted to come back with me and watch it in my house but I wouldn’t let her. I wanted to watch it all on my own. I do sort of regret that now. I think that I should have had some company with me but I have always been like that. I am very critical of myself in what I do. I am very shy also with performing and stuff like that. People that know me well may laugh at me saying that cause I am very outgoing and talkative but I don’t like any sort of fuss to be created about me. I know I can sing. People tell me and I get great enjoyment from it and also from playing music. Although, I think I am probably much better at singing than I would be at playing. I count myself very lucky that I have the tallent to play and sing. I don’t, and never have thought that I am better than anyone else. I just love what I do and it really makes me happy that others like it. That is all I want. I just want people to enjoy it. When people give me complements about my music I do find that hard cause I get shy and embarrassed about it. I do appreciate all comments though it can just be hard for me cause I don’t know what to say. I am just me. I am just like everyone else. I hate being put on some sort of platform even though I know that its cause people like what I am doing. I never want to be any different to anyone else and if I was able to achieve more in the future and be able to devote more time to music on a professional level I would always like to think that when the gigs were done I could just come home and relax and just do the same old things and have a bit of a laugh and stuff with my friends like I would do at present.

As the show started and in the lead up to my performance I got texts from work colleagues and close friends. I just can not believe the support that I have received from people. I was number 7 on the show and everything went reasonably well. Yes, I would like to change certain little things about the performance I gave but I have decided that I am not going to critique myself. If I started doing that I wouldn’t be able to stop as I am just terrible for finding fault. I remember recording earlier in the year and Ollie who produced for me had to remind me of that from time to time. I was so relieved when my turn had finally come and although I wasn’t impressed with hearing myself, the time had finally come for my moment of glory in the competition. I had some very positive feedback from the judges apart from one little remark about me possibly just learning Irish but I suppose that the gentleman in question wasn’t to know that I did actually achieve an honour in Irish for my Leaving Cert.

As you will know if you got to watch the show, there are eight more people taking part as well as myself. Next week the first performer from last night Paul will take the stage for his night. I am number 7 and am due back on your tv on the 9th of November. You are able to vote for me now if you so wish to do so by texting with no spaces glor7 to 53307 in Ireland or, in the north of Ireland and the UK text with no spaces glor7 to 81108.

Again, I would just like to thank my close friends for their terrific support. I know for some people country music isn’t their thing but I really appreciate your support and you all know who you are.

A little catch up and some musical happenings

Well, its absolutely ages since I wrote here but I thought I might as well give it a blast as they say.

A friend of mine told me to start blogging again a few months back when I asked her to help me with something so, Emma, I am going to dedicate this post to you also.

I have always wanted to go back into the studio again, so I eventually headed back in there in January. Last year I had in fact started working on some new tracks but I sort of parked it at the time, fully intending to come back to it but didn’t get round to it till this January. I was heading on a Cruise in May which turned out to be a great success and I wanted tracks ready for it to have something new as its been a while since I went into the studio. Anyway… to stop myself waffling I will just carry on and say that I got myself back into the studio and began working again on my latest offerings. This studio experience for me was very positive and very enjoyable. I had the pleasure of having a great producer and a friend working with me who I have played with many times before. Ollie Hennessy is well known to people around here as he is a local man but Ollie has worked for years as a producer and a stage musical director for many different people and shows and has done lots of television work with RTÉ. I worked very closely with Ollie and Frank the engineer and we brought in several more musicians to make the tracks as good as we possibly could.

The four tracks which I have recently releaced are, Take Me Home To Carlow which was composed by Declan Smith a local man. The Voyage which a lot of people will know from hearing Christy Moore sing, Raglan Road which I probably again do not need to talk about as it will also be one that a lot of people will know. And finally, Through The Eyes Of An Irish Man. This song has sort of been in my head for a long time to record. Terry Bradford wrote this song and he is an English musician who I have seen perform before.

At the moment I am busy trying to get my CD around to radio stations and also trying to get it on general distribution so I will keep people informed as to how that is going.

I am very shy sometimes about my friends hearing my music. I don’t really know why that is. I suppose I worry that they might not like it or that its just that I get nervous around them because if its just the general public then I will sing or play away and it will not bother me. Recently I had some friends come down for my birthday which was meant to be a surprise but which ended up not to be but that is another story. Anyway, they persuaded me to let them listen and well, they actually liked it and that did please me.

Quite recently I was contacted by my friend Trudi Lalor who I have worked with in the past on different occasions to ask me if I would be her guest and take part in the Glór Tíre competition. This is a competition that has been running for the past number of years on TG4 which is our television station here in Ireland which braudcasts in Irish. This programme is a country music competition. I have sang country stuff for most of my musical existance and my new tracks have mostly a folk feeling to them which is what I wanted but I thought about it and figured that this programme would give me the exposure that may prove valuable in the future.

Last week I travelled to Galway to take part in pre-recorded shows where I was joined by Trudi for one of them and we sang together. I will talk more about these shows and how they went at the time they are going to be shown on TV which will be in mid September. I will say though that I did have a good few days and found the crew and all concerned at the venue very helpful and friendly to me. There are eight other people taking part in this competition so who knows how it will all pan out. I will be looking for votes so will be grateful of your support when the time comes round.

So, that is a condensed few paragraphs of what I have been getting up to lately. I do plan on trying to keep more up to date on my blog and letting people know what I am up too here. Its surprising how much you can write when you start but I’ll sign off for now and do feel free to comment and engage with me here.

Remembering the good old days

Ok, I don’t want to be accused of being some boring fella with too much time on his hands but last night I just got thinking about the good old days.

Or, were they?

I suppose I look on my life as a series of events and I don’t know why but the past two nights I have dreamed that I was back in school. I don’t know why this is and what significance it has but it was a bit crepey. It wasn’t that I was back and it was the old days but back as if I was in the present and meeting teachers that I didn’t know but somehow thinking that they had started there or something.

Anyway, it just got me thinking of my childhood and the things that I got up to and how I use to dread each weekend ending as I had to make sure that my bag was packed and all homework done and saying goodbye to everyone as I got into the car to head back to school in ublin for another week. There were times that I really envied my brother and sister that got to stay at home and go to school in Carlow where I am from. Being blind meant that I didn’t have the opportunity to stay at home and be educated here.

So, sitting here in my sitting room tweeting I just suddenly thought, haven’t things changed so much since the time I was a kid.

I remember when I was young I wanted to be in radio. I wanted to be a presenter or a news reporter or just anything that involved working in radio. I use to pretend that I was and that I had my own programme. Music was a big part of my life and while we only had the two national stations when I was small the radio was a big part of my day and indeed I spent long hours listening to it or tapes and even racords that my parents bought for me.

As kids we all rode bikes and I remember doing that also around the yard which was quite big and we had a horse which myself and my brother use to take out and I could even walk her round our garden and she was just so gentle with me.

Nowadays it is all different. Sure I have grown older and my life is now changed so much but even for kids growing up now its all so different. Computer games now take the place of going out cycling or horse riding or simply playing outside and stuff like that. Will the kids of the future just not bother getting out and about and just taking in fresh air instead of just being in watching TV and playing computer games?

Ok, so it just got me thinking. I wonder if it will get others thinking of their childhoods also?

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