Ok, so anyone reading this latest post will correctly observe that it was this night last week that I wrote the previous one. I am not going to just write on Wednesdays either. It just came about that way. The object here is to try and write as much as I can about what is happening with me and my music so that people can get to know me and also to get to know what I choose to share about myself.

Anyway, before I continue with the point of this post I would like to thank those people that sent me comments on my last post. It was nice that you took the trouble to read and give me feedback. I welcome comments from people and at least I know that if you are commenting then I am not just writing to myself.

Mostly Saturdays are usually days of relaxation for me. Well, the mornings certainly are anyway. However, last Saturday I needed to meet my friend Stuart as we needed to practice for a wedding that we are playing at this Saturday. So, this meant an early enough start for myself and Ralph from Carlow.

In complete contrast to most of today, last Saturday morning was a lovely bright sunny one and I had debated bringing a jacket with me in case it rained but I was glad afterwards that I didn’t.

We arrived at Stuart’s apartment mid morning somewhere after 11:00 and got the practice out of the way for the Wedding. I brought along my new CD for Stuart to listen too. Stuart broadcasts an internet radio show every Saturday on hkc radio where he does a mixed bag of a programme. Sometimes he will have guests on the show with him and other times he just has features which he has prepared and then usually just bits and peaces of chatter about entertainment and things that are catching his interest at the time of the show. He decided to review my tracks on the show after hearing them for the first time. He seemed genuinely impressed with them and, knowing Stuart as I do I knew that the musical arrangements would certainly be something that he would observe.

After some lunch we headed into the studio to start the show. We had a late start for reasons beyond our control. I was amazed at the reaction of the people who listened to the tracks. While talking to Stuart we were both getting messages from the listeners saying how much they liked what they were hearing and just generally saying that they were enjoying the show. It was nice to have some friends listening to support me also.

Ok, so this particular interview was not the most serious one I have ever done and it certainly was good fun to do. Myself and Stuart go back a long way so when I sit in a studio with him and talk to him I forget that we are actually really broadcasting a show and that lots of people will be listening to it. Its just like two friends having a bit of fun really. I like that though. Its natural and its not stuffy or anything. I don’t know if we made the best of radio presentations and after hearing the podcast I said to myself, jesus, did I really sound as bad as that? Anyway, we all say things like that about ourselves when we hear back interviews or recordings of ourselves so it probably was grand. You can actually hear a podcast of the show by visiting Stuart’s site and look for the latest one. He podcasts all of his shows and shur why not check him out on hkc every Saturday from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. And that is Irish and UK time for anyone reading this from other countries. Thank you Stuart for reviewing my tracks on your show.

As I write, my site is starting its overhall and over the next while there will be changes to it. I will tweet and blog about all of this when it happens.