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The Nicky Kealy Christmas show in the seven oaks Carlow.

Christmas is coming apon us once again and this year I am delighted to be hosting my very first Nicky Kealy Christmas show here at the Seven Oaks hotel Carlow on Friday 7th of December.

Appearing with me on the night will be Louise Morrissey, The Benn Sisters, local priest Fr Liam Morgan, John Kelly, Padraig Darcy and current Glor Tire contestant Adrian Ryan.

Doors open at 7:30 with the show kicking off at 8:00. All ticket enquiries can be made to the hotel or through this website. As I am a Guide Dog owner and have been a supporter of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind for many years, I am having a raffle on the night with lots of great prizes for the festive season. All proceeds from this raffle will go to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Hello 2012

A big happy New Year to you all.

Christmas was nice and a little quiet at the start. I had a nice Christmas day with my family and went to see my brother and his wife and little girl Ailbhe with my parents and sisters afterwards in the evening. For me its all about kids at Christmas and I have great memories of us when we were small in our house and getting up very early to see if Santa had come and what he had left for us. Did he manage to bring what we wanted and how quick could we just get into the sitting-room or the hall and just get those presents open. There were a few years where we were up at around half 3 or 4 and my brother was probably the first one up most years. Now that is all gone. Christmas is a lot quieter and stuff but having a young person in the family makes such a difference. and although Ailbhe is only just nearly two years old its great to see the enjoyment that they have when they get all their presents. Uncle Nicky was very organized and had her present got with about three weeks to spare. As she gets older it will be more fun and talking about Santa coming and the excitement of what he will bring and stuff like that. The rest of the day passed off fairly uneventful. I had a fundraising gig to perform at on the Tuesday night and I am happy to say that it went off very well for all concerned. It was a sad evening all the same and evenings like that I don’t forget too easily but all credit must go to the people that helped to put the show together.

I went off on Thursday to Donegal to see Jennifer. I had some what I hoped were nice presents for her. And well, if ya can’t treat that special someone in your life to a good present or two at Christmas what can ya do? My mother and sister had kindly offered to drive me to the Airport where I was able to pick up a bus to take me most of my journey before I would have to change again to finally get to where I needed to go. I had an absolutely brilliant time in Donegal. Shur the people are wild mad up there. Oh, everything is class too. Honestly, wild and class are two words that they use quite a bit up there haha. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the kindest to us while I was there but we made the best of it. I managed a pint or two and between meeting some friend’s of Jennifer’s and stuff we had a nice pleasant and relaxing weekend.

I sometimes do not like New Years Eve. It’s the sort of day you don’t know whether you can like or not as if you haven’t had the best of years you just don’t know what you are meant to be celebrating but then again, if you are a person with the glass always half full you are wanting, or feel you should want to celebrate the beginning of a new and hopefully perfect year. This year I was in great form for it I must say. How could I not bee. I have had really such an amazing year. I have been able to achieve so much in my life between music and just other personal things which I won’t write about here. I was kindly invited to a nice party where I had a great night and couldn’t have been looked after better by Jennifer and her family. I couldn’t have asked or wanted to be in a better place to give 2011 a good send off and welcome in 2012.

And so, all good times must come to an end for a little while anyway. With the Christmas holidays over it was back to work with me yesterday having travelled home on Monday. I am just so grateful as I have said for all the good things that have been able to happen for me in the last year. What do I want for this year? I just want more of the same. Everything is just great at present. I am a little uncertain about work at present as I am not sure if I might be getting a bit restless in my job and I am pondering ideas in my head at maybe some developments I might like to try in dipping my toes into the music business a bit more but hopefully I can just take my time and if opportunities come up I will be able to assess things and make the right decision. Apart from that everything is how I like it. Lets hope I will be writing much the same as this if not better next year. I really hope that everyone that reads this will also enjoy great happiness and success this year too. Follow your dreams, take those little chances, grab any opportunities that come your way and enjoy every minute.

Glor Tire Final and Christmas

Well, Christmas is finally here. I have so much that I could probably write about in this post but I will try and keep it as short as possible. Now, if I could do that when I am having conversations with people that would be great but well, I can’t try and do everything right can I?

The last few days have been a bit mental for me. At the start of the week I was getting ready for my final appearance on Glor Tire which I have wrote about already here. It was just so nice to be able to get to the final week and to have the support of so many people. Last week I was lucky to be voted into one of the top two positions which meant I was safely through to the final show. If I had been in one of the bottom three positions as there were only five people left in the series I would have had to wait on a decision from the judges as to whether I could go forward or not but thankfully this did not happen. As you may have read, this did happen the week before so the level of support that I received in the following few days after that was just incredible.

Wednesday was just a real enjoyable day from the time I reached Galway right to the end of it. The voting lines for the competition closed at 12:00 so I knew while rehearsing that everything was done now. I was just going to do what I know I can do which is sing and if it wasn’t going to be for me then that was just life. That was my attitude all through the competition and I know people around me just couldn’t understand why I was so laid back about it all but what is the point? I could feel tension there some of the weeks with others but I am not into all of that and maybe I don’t do the competitive thing very well. If something good happens for me I just see myself as being lucky and I just should be thankful for it. Anyway, the rehearsals went well and I was happy and all good to go. For the final show we had to sing a Christmas song together and while I wasn’t entirely happy with it as a song choice I just went along with it and it went better than I thought it might. I had a great crew of people travel down to support me which was also good. A few people could not be there which was a big pity but what with Christmas coming up so near and work commitments it just couldn’t be helped. I was delighted to have whole family there including my granny. I did think that it was going to be a long day for her but I know she enjoyed herself and she was one of the first, if not the first person to get herself up to congratulate me. The show was more relaxed than other weeks also and we sang two songs each. Now, I will always be my own worst critique but I was happy with how I performed on Wednesday. Thankfully enough viewers liked what I did over the whole series and I was declared the winner. A friend told me on Thursday when the result was declared I looked as if I was on a delay system or something or someone was translating to me what had just happened as it took me about a minute to react. I was surprised. I had not built myself up to any sort of hype about it thinking I was going to win. In fact, I was a little wound up about it all on Tuesday night and someone made the mistake of phoning me up and well, god love them. When they didn’t kill me or something I don’t think they ever will.

Ever since Wednesday I have had nothing but lots of kind messages of support and good luck for the future. People are so nice and I am really grateful for all messages and phone calls and stuff like that. I am a quiet person when it comes to myself. I don’t like much fuss and probably need to just relax a little concerning all of that but that is just the way I am. I just get a little overwhelmed with it all but it is lovely of course when people are so kind.

So, Christmas is finally here. I am going to pop down town in a bit after writing and sending this blog post for one last present and then all I have to do is sit back and enjoy the Christmas. I am looking forward to it now. In some ways it can be a sad time of year as it does have some sad memories for me but when it gets to this time I do have to say that I like it and enjoy it. I am heading away after Christmas to celebrate the New Year with Jen and I am looking forward to that. Have a bit of stuff to carry but might figure out a way of getting Ralph to have a back pack or something haha. I do hope that everyone that reads this has a lovely Christmas. I hope that whatever Christmas means to you it is a good time. I would like to thank anyone that has helped me in any way over the past year and to all people that have taken an interest in my music or have just taken the time to have a chat and a bit of crack with me. I would just like to single out one or two people. I would like to thank my good friend Digital Darragh for his great and fantastic support particularly with Glor Tire and also earlier when he got the ball rolling and organized along with my sisters a small birthday get-together for me. Myself and Digital go back many years and went to school together and he is a great guy to know. Since that time of my birthday which was in May lots of good things started to happen for me and the rest of the year has been absolutely brilliant. I would also like to thank Jen also. She listens to me and talks to me about everything and even though I have to drive her mad at times with my nonsense she is just great. She says I do be funny a lot of the time but I reckon she is just being too nice. She has also introduced me to some great music in the last while which is great also. People like Joan Ann, Emma and Cathal have been hugely supportive to me also and I don’t mean to put them in any particular order. These are just some close friends that have always been there to help out or to just listen to me and at the end of the day that is what friendships are all about. So, until I write again here which will probably be in the New Year. Have a great one and enjoy yourselves.

Glor Tire, getting to the final show and other happenings

I really can’t believe that I am writing this post and also that it has come to this time already. Three weeks ago I wrote telling you that I was going to be on the first of the four final shows of Glor Tire for this year and hoping that I would get to do well. Well, I am really so happy to be able to write now and thank everyone for all the support I have received in the last three weeks and to be able to write on this final week and let anyone know that reads my blog that I am indeed in the final. There are a few people such as family and close friends that I should thank but I am not going to start putting down names either. People I am referring too and who read this blog will know who they are themselves. I did not get a chance to write last week cause I just got distracted with everything going on and trying to keep up the campaign both on twitter and facebook for people to keep voting and supporting me. Show number two was a close shave. Unfortunately I was in the bottom three in terms of the voting and only one contestant can be selected from the bottom three in the first three shows to go through to the next one. The judges selected me to continue on and thanks to all the people that got behind me this week I was called out number one to perform on Wednesday last in show three. This meant that my way to the final was secured and I could sing knowing that I was going to get the chance to sing in the final show where only the votes of the public matter. The judges will not have any influence on the final decision. There are three of us left in the competition. All I can say now is the best of luck to the other contestants and hopefully if I am lucky enough I may win but if not then I know that I did all I could and I will have enjoyed my time taking part in the competition.

To give myself a little distraction from it all today I went Christmas shopping. I have done some of it already but needed to pick up more bits today. We are doing a Kris Kindle or Secret Santa in our house which means we are only buying for one person each. I just can’t decide what I want to buy my family member that I picked out yet and will need to give it a little more thought. Put the finishing touches to another very important present earlier also. I love the amusement that I get when I bring up this present to this person cause they try or they were trying initially to guess what it was but they are giving up now. Now, I won’t tell them but its hard cause I am hopeless at keeping secrets at times but the build up to this is so much fun and its not long more to go now till they get it in their hands although the one thing I would say is that they will need both hands free to hold it.

Friday was the annual office party. I don’t know why but in the days leading up to it I wasn’t overly looking forward to it. I have some lovely work colleagues and I always have great craic going out with them and this party was no different but for some reason I just wasn’t as up for it as other years. Maybe it was also to do with the fact that I haven’t been going out much lately. Anyway, the night was great fun and we went to Kilkenny this year which was a change from staying in Carlow where the office is. Fair play to the two organizers Clare and Louise who did a great job. I was absolutely wrecked yesterday though but I think that is cause I am just out of practice with the going out and drinking stuff. Last night I am just not going to talk about cause that was just a bad finish to a good day but ya have to move on and just try and forget about it as things happen at times that you just can not do anything about.

So, once more and for the final time on this blog can I just appeal to all my readers that if you like my music and have had an opportunity to hear me sing then please think of giving me a vote or two for the final show. The voting lines will close on Wednesday at noon Irish time. The show will go out on TG4 at 10:30 on Wednesday night and as I have stated above, there is only one vote that matters this week. Please vote glor 7 to 53307 in Ireland or in the north or UK vote glor 7 to 81108. Thanks so much for all your support and I will blog later in the week to report on how it all goes on Wednesday.

Christmas 2009

Well, its all over.

All that shopping and organising and wrapping of presents and cake baking, Hmmmmm, not that I did any of that, and drunken Christmas parties, yes I did one of those are all gone for another year.

When does it really all begin?

We dont even have time to get Halloween out of the way now before we are all thinking about it and then it just comes and suddenly all the days leading up to it have just slipped us by and we are in the middle of Christmas day.

Well, not quite, it starts for me on Christmas eve. I went to Midnight mass and listening to the priest talking and the choir singing Silent Night and Angels We have Heard on High immediately allowed me to feel that it was Christmas and that it had finally come.

I won’t bore you with much of yesterday morning as it was just spendt getting ready to go to my parents for Christmas dinner and seing the rest of the family.

What I did decide to do was to send everyone in my phone book that I talk to a text for Christmas as I was sick of getting messages that I would have to reply to individually so I just said feck it, lets jus send everyone one. It mightn’t be the most personal but hey, it did the trick didn’t it?
Dinner was lovely. IT was so nice that I had to have an extra portion the greedy pig that I am.
We have done a Kris Kindle at our house over the past few years and I think its great. My sister Audrey was my Kris Kindle and I had my other sister Karen. Audrey gave me a vouture for a local record shop which is great as I wll then choose my own music from that and I went to a local healthcare/beauty store where a lot of the girls would know Karen and I got one of them to put together some products for me as a gift that she would enjoy using. My granny gave me a present also of a vouture for a local clothes shop that I go to and I will use that in the near future. I also bought her a little set with perfume and other bits in it.

Then there came the TV moments and I have to say for me this year Fair city was the most exciting. Things on the street were a bit more predictible as I had been hearing about what the possi ilities were and in the east end, well, my money is on Stacy as the one that has killed Archy.
So, apart ffom a bit of serfing on the TV for different things that may be on and a few cans that sort of ended my Christmas day. I wouldn’t change it though as I love spending it at home.

Off to England for the new year and I have one more gift to pick up over there but as of yet it has been kept a secret so I really don’t know what it is.
So, that was my Christmas, nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular just a plane ordinary Christmas for me and its the way I like it.

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