Its been a little while since I wrote in here but musically there hasn’t been too much to tell you all about. I have been busy working on different things and in ways not getting far, or as far as I would like but, at the minute I think I can finally say things are starting to take shape.

A few weeks back I got a call from Liam Kett who presents a show on Kfm which is a radio station in Kildare to tell me that I had been chosen to receive an award at the Leinster Entertainment Awards. I was surprised and delighted at this news. I had heard that the awards were taking place but didn’t know much about them. This is only the second year that they have been running so they must have just slipped me by last time round. The awards were to be held on Monday last the 16th so I selected the songs that I wanted to perform on the night and got myself ready for the big day.

Last week was a nice busy music filled week here in Carlow with the Pan-Celtic festival taking place in the town. This festival is made up of all the different celtic regions coming together for a week to play music and dance and show off their different traditions. Find out about this years festival which has just ended by visiting the Pan-Celtic website and it will probably explain it all much better than I will.

Anyway, Darragh, who you will have heard me mention here before decided to come down on Saturday to play a few tunes and join in some of the sessions that were taking place in some of the pubs in the town. Jennifer was coming for the weekend and so it worked out nice that they could travel together on the train to Carlow. We left him get more or less straight to the music when he got here and spent a while chatting and took ourselves to a local Indian restaurant where we had a nice meal and then went in search of him afterwards and enjoyed listening to a session he was playing in. More tunes had to be played in another part of the country so it was up early enough for Darragh on Sunday morning and we just relaxed for the rest of the day and spent some of it with my family before going to see the Hunger Games in the cinema on Sunday evening. Both of us read the book and are now on the second book of the three in the series. Jennifer kindly came with me to see it as she had already taken her nephew Jack to see it in Derry about two weeks ago. It was nice to get to see it but I do prefer the book and some of the characters were not how I would have imagined them to be played.

Monday was like any other day really except I was not working and Jennifer was still here. I remember her commenting to me that she had been talking to someone on the phone and they wanted to know was I excited about the awards and she told them I was “so laid back you’de think that nothing was happening at all that evening”. Well, I wasn’t thinking about it all too much but yes, of course I was very pleased about it all but slightly nervous also. This was the first time that Jennifer actually came to a live gig with me that I was performing at so I was hoping she would enjoy it.

I think that I was number 8 to perform and the audiance were superb. Liam had asked me to consider singing Noreen Bawn as he really liked my version of it for Glor Tire. I was totally surprised and really happy when the audiance stood for me at the end of the performance and having been only asked to originally sing two songs I was asked to finish off with one more. It really was a brilliant night and there are some pictures on my Facebook page for anyone to see. I am glad to report that Jennifer did enjoy herself and it was fantastic to have her there with me. She is, and always has been very supportive to me during our time together in all I do where my music is concerned. I would also like to just thank the organisers of the Leinster Entertainment Awards for putting on a great show and considering me for “male vocalist of the year”. It really was an honour for me to be able to accept the award.