It must have been November or maybe a little earlier that the exciting news came through that Bruce Springsteen would be coming to play in Ireland in the Summer. I think that when I had heard about it dates hadn’t been confirmed but I knew that I wanted to go and see him. I had wanted to go before and I couldn’t just get to go at the time. I have never seen him live before and I knew that this time I wasn’t going to let the chance go by. Also, Jennifer is a big fan so we discussed it and I told her that I was going to make sure and keep an eye out and I had already arranged for my brothers wife to get them as my brother has always been a huge fan and the four of us would go together. The tickets finally went on sale on the 1st of December and the first show sold out in minutes. They then added a second show and we got tickets for that and we will be heading to see him at the RDS on the 18th of July. I’ll never forget ringing up Jennifer that morning to confirm that I had the tickets. She was delighted and immediately started blasting out Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Bruce’s version of course) down the phone at me. I am sure that we are going to have a great time at that concert. I am looking forward to it and I am starting to hear of more and more people that I know going also so I am bound to bump into someone that I know there. Anyway… to bring all of this up-to-date as far as this weekend is concerned. The Album Wrecking Ball came out just a few days ago. Having heard quite a bit about it recently and seen some online clips and stuff I was delighted to be able to grab it on Itunes yesterday morning. I have only listened to it twice and am not going to go into too much of what I feel about it here as I am still getting into it but track 5, Death to my Hometown is my favourite so far. I should say that I really like the album for the most part but I wouldn’t consider myself to be a great reviewer. Maybe Jennifer will do a much better job at that than me on her blog. I am sure she will not forget to mention its releace at some point. :)

Listening to the radio sometimes and in particular a show that I wouldn’t usually listen to can sometimes have its rewards. On the Tuesday night just after coming back from the Cruise I was listening to a local station and an ad break came on. I heard, or thought I heard an ad advertising Nanci Griffith to play in Kilkenny on the 3rd of March which was last night. Being sort of half asleep I thought that I must check that out over the next few days and also I wanted to try and get someone to come with me. By the time I had got arrangements made for people to come it was Thursday and there was only two days left to the show. I was sure it would be sold out when I rang the theatre but I was informed that no, there were still seats left.

The show kicked off at 8:00 sharp. Her support group were a husband and wife group called The Kennedys from New York. They were quite good. The husband mostly did backing vocals and the wife did the lead parts which in my opinion worked very well. They talked about their different musical influences and featured for the most part all of their own material which is great cause I had never heard of them before and I love to get the chance to hear new stuff and be surprised by an unknown group like that. They told us stories about different songs and one that stands out was about a song that they wrote after going on one of their first dates. This date happened to involve visiting a grave yard to pay their respects to Buddy Holly. Hmmm, who says all dates have to be of a romantic kind haha. For their last number they wanted to do a tribute to Davy Jones from the Monkees who passed away earlier this week. They sang Daydream Believer and Nanci quietly came out on stage and joined them and sang the song with them to great cheers from the audience.

There was a small break after the Kennedys went off stage and without any fuss or fancy introductions Nanci came out on stage and with a strum of a guitar just immediately started chatting and broke into song. Of course I was looking forward to seeing what she would start off with and it was Speed of the Sound of Loneliness by John Prime. It was delivered slow and steady and she had the crowd in her hands I think from that first number. She chatted in between each song and just made herself at home with us all. The theatre seemed to just lose all of its formality and it was just a really intimate experience for me. Then there came that point in the show when I heard a guitar being tuned down to a certain key. Something in my head just told me what was coming next and then there it was. With the voice sounding a bit strained or aged, she still managed to deliver From a Distance in a very powerful and immotional way. I really love the sentiment of that song. Its strange that when it was written it was rejected by so many people until Nanci was given it and asked her opinion on it. She states that she owes a lot of the success from it to the Irish since it was recorded in 1986. That was followed up with Trouble in the Fields which is another great song of hers and some people will know it from Maura O’connell who Nanci mentioned from the stage. It really was a fantastic night and really just gave me some sort of lift. Hearing good music does that to me. You just get some great feeling. The only way I can describe how I felt after it is to say that it was like being in a dream and not wanting it to end and when she went off the stage for the first time at ten past ten I just couldn’t believe it had got to that time already. I certainly would love to see her again and who knows, maybe I might get to meet her sometime.