It only seems like a short while ago since I came back from my last cruise in Bermuda but later tonight I set off on my travels again. This time I am heading back to the Caribbean. I have been fortunate to have been a part of the Gurtrude Byrne All Star Irish American Cruises since around 2000. I have not been on the bill for every trip but have hugely enjoyed the ones that I have been on and I think this will probably be my seventh one. I am very grateful to Gertrude and her team for inviting me back again this year. I will be privileged to be able to get to sing along side some top entertainers that Ireland has to offer in different genres. Mostly it will be country music and Irish folk music that will be played through the themed cruise. As I consistently say on here I never like to take anything for granted and am just always grateful for the kindness shown to me by other artists in the music industry and also the kindness that is shown to me by the other passengers that travel with us. I am very much looking forward to seeing some old friends that I have made during my previous trips and meeting new people and chatting to them. I will hopefully blog on my return and let you all know how the week was and if anyone is reading this that will be joining us on Sunday do feel free to say hi to me at any time during the week if you see me around.