A big happy New Year to you all.

Christmas was nice and a little quiet at the start. I had a nice Christmas day with my family and went to see my brother and his wife and little girl Ailbhe with my parents and sisters afterwards in the evening. For me its all about kids at Christmas and I have great memories of us when we were small in our house and getting up very early to see if Santa had come and what he had left for us. Did he manage to bring what we wanted and how quick could we just get into the sitting-room or the hall and just get those presents open. There were a few years where we were up at around half 3 or 4 and my brother was probably the first one up most years. Now that is all gone. Christmas is a lot quieter and stuff but having a young person in the family makes such a difference. and although Ailbhe is only just nearly two years old its great to see the enjoyment that they have when they get all their presents. Uncle Nicky was very organized and had her present got with about three weeks to spare. As she gets older it will be more fun and talking about Santa coming and the excitement of what he will bring and stuff like that. The rest of the day passed off fairly uneventful. I had a fundraising gig to perform at on the Tuesday night and I am happy to say that it went off very well for all concerned. It was a sad evening all the same and evenings like that I don’t forget too easily but all credit must go to the people that helped to put the show together.

I went off on Thursday to Donegal to see Jennifer. I had some what I hoped were nice presents for her. And well, if ya can’t treat that special someone in your life to a good present or two at Christmas what can ya do? My mother and sister had kindly offered to drive me to the Airport where I was able to pick up a bus to take me most of my journey before I would have to change again to finally get to where I needed to go. I had an absolutely brilliant time in Donegal. Shur the people are wild mad up there. Oh, everything is class too. Honestly, wild and class are two words that they use quite a bit up there haha. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the kindest to us while I was there but we made the best of it. I managed a pint or two and between meeting some friend’s of Jennifer’s and stuff we had a nice pleasant and relaxing weekend.

I sometimes do not like New Years Eve. It’s the sort of day you don’t know whether you can like or not as if you haven’t had the best of years you just don’t know what you are meant to be celebrating but then again, if you are a person with the glass always half full you are wanting, or feel you should want to celebrate the beginning of a new and hopefully perfect year. This year I was in great form for it I must say. How could I not bee. I have had really such an amazing year. I have been able to achieve so much in my life between music and just other personal things which I won’t write about here. I was kindly invited to a nice party where I had a great night and couldn’t have been looked after better by Jennifer and her family. I couldn’t have asked or wanted to be in a better place to give 2011 a good send off and welcome in 2012.

And so, all good times must come to an end for a little while anyway. With the Christmas holidays over it was back to work with me yesterday having travelled home on Monday. I am just so grateful as I have said for all the good things that have been able to happen for me in the last year. What do I want for this year? I just want more of the same. Everything is just great at present. I am a little uncertain about work at present as I am not sure if I might be getting a bit restless in my job and I am pondering ideas in my head at maybe some developments I might like to try in dipping my toes into the music business a bit more but hopefully I can just take my time and if opportunities come up I will be able to assess things and make the right decision. Apart from that everything is how I like it. Lets hope I will be writing much the same as this if not better next year. I really hope that everyone that reads this will also enjoy great happiness and success this year too. Follow your dreams, take those little chances, grab any opportunities that come your way and enjoy every minute.