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Its all finally happening

This could be the last time I get to write on here about my experience on Glor Tire. I remember first writing about it probably around the end of May when I wrote about being asked to appear on the show. I am not usually a competitive person although I have taken part in competitions in my younger days and so if it had been a case of me having to apply to take part on the show I can honestly tell you I wouldn’t be here writing about it today and I wouldn’t have even thought of going for it. Even when Trudi contacted me and asked me could I be her chosen person I was still hesitant but after being persuaded by family and some friends I decided to go for it. I have said it from the outset. Its all a bit of crack for me. I can sing yes, but I am not like the best in the world and never want to be. It is you, or the kind people that are voting for me that will keep me in this competition and so if I do well it will be you that have to take the credit for a lot of it. I will just do what I enjoy doing and that is to be able to sing and play music.

Last Wednesday saw the last of the pre-recorded shows going out on TG4. I remember the day very well. I had to do three separate trips to Galway that week for recording and it was great that this one was on the Friday and I could relax for the weekend afterwards. It was the perfect sort of Irish Summers day. Well, it started raining before we left Carlow and it followed us all the way to Galway and continued to rain while we were there. I happen to like Galway as cities go. But I do not like trying to get round it in the rain. We had to be there for around 4:00 for a rehearsal with the band and then I remember running down the street trying to find a caffay where you could just get something simple like a sandwich to eat. Anyway, we found one and had something nice and I remember hearing Shining Light from Ash. Hadn’t heard it in years and it just got stuck in my head. I had to come home later and listen to it again and just listen to the lyrics and the melody which is just such a catchy thing. Ash are a rock group from Northern Ireland who I haven’t heard too much about in the past few years. I wouldn’t have been a huge fan but I can be like that with some groups or artists. I hear a track or two that just blow me away and I just have to go and investigate.

The recording of the show itself went fairly smoothly with no real hitches. By the Friday I was use to the drill of what to expect from the rehearsals and working with a band that I had never worked with before and also dealing with some fantastic production people. I was nervous as to how things like that would go for me as I didn’t want people being any way awkward around me because of me being blind and them not knowing what to say or how to talk to me about things but I am happy to say how nice it is that this didn’t happen. It will be a pleasure to work with all the people on the show again this week and for however long more I get to stick around for. The feedback that I received from the judging panel was very good and I couldn’t have asked for better. It is also nice when you have a well known and respected songwriter/singer on the panel and hearing what they have to say about you. I have had an interest in Charlie and his work for years and never had the pleasure of meeting him till the start of this series of Glor Tire. I have a couple of what I think are interesting songs picked for the next few weeks. It will only be the people that are watching and voting that will decide whether I can carry on to the next programme and get to sing them all or not.

Recent happenings and upcoming stuff

Many people tell me that they read my blog and I do be surprised at some of the people that have told me that they enjoy reading it. We will see after this post if any of you care to respond. I am very inconsistent with it so that must not be a good thing.

Anyway, things have been happening in my life. Last Friday I graduated with a certificate in Employment Management Relations from the National College of Ireland. This was a course that I started doing through work. My job, that is the one that pays the most bills for me at the moment centres around employment law. I do like it. I have found myself bored at times and frustrated where I work because of the constraints of the job and sometimes I do find it restrictive but I can’t really go into it much here. Lets just say that I would like to be able to continue working in this area but hopefully some day work slightly differently and come at it from a different angle. Anyway, I, being my usual self didn’t want any fuss for the graduation. I managed to drag my very good friend Jen with me. I really must thank her for getting up so early and travelling down to Dublin to be on time for it all. It was an early start for her but I do appreciate it. I have mentioned it before on here but do check out her blog Paws For Thought and I am sure when you read that and discover what a real blog is like compared to this one you probably will not be coming back to read this one any more. Anyway, we arrived at the Convention Centre for about 12:00 and I met some people from work and after a lot of waiting around and unfortunately some photos we eventually got seated for the formalities to begin. Ralph I am happy to say was very good for Jen and Mark. Mark is the partner of a work colleague. I think that both Mark and Jen managed to keep themselves from getting too bored with all the waiting around and stuff they had to do. Thankfully photos have now come back from the event for the family to be able to see and they are very happy with them. I wasn’t going to have pictures done at all cause I didn’t really think that they would matter when I couldn’t see them but sometimes I would forget about maybe my parents or other family members wanting to see them and well, at least now I can put one up here in the house.

After coming all that way, Jen decided to come a little bit further and spend the weekend here in Carlow with me. It was a great weekend and the unfortunate thing about good weekends is that they just fly by far too quickly. Still, it wasn’t as rushed for her as the last time she paid a very quick flying visit for my birthday last May.

Apart from all that I am getting ready now for the final run of shows for Glor Tire. The last of the three pre-recorded shows will go out tomorrow night. I have been very pleased with the reaction to me so far on the show. People are very nice and kind and I really do appreciate all the support that I have gotten. I will not forget some of the nice personal messages that friends have sent me. It means a lot to me to have good friends and to be able to receive such nice thoughtful messages. I don’t like to comment on any particular things that the guest judges have to say on the programme but some people have been annoyed with John Creedon for his comments to me about moving around on the stage or trying a bit of dancing or something like that. John just gave his thoughts. He was asked for comments and I respect his opinion. I will not be dancing or anything like that. I would like to try and hope to be able to present what I have to offer in different ways. If that doesn’t get me first place in this competition then so be it. I am very happy that none of the guest judges have touched on my blindness. I have huge respect for them for that. It is not an issue and I never like it to be. I like to be judged good or bad on how I perform and not because I can sing or play or its great that I can do that even though I am blind kind of thing. I still need all of your support so I would be hugely grateful for all your votes. As I am sure you all know by now you can vote for me by texting glor 7 to 53307 here in Ireland or by texting the above to 81108 if you are in the UK.

So, that is all the really important things for now. I will try to write a lot more now particularly with comments to the shows. It could be all over for me after the first elimination show on the 30th which is one week from tomorrow but we will wait and see. I am very happy at the moment and have a lot to be grateful for. They say good things happen to those that wait and right now over the past few months I do not have much to be complaining about.

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