So, where have I been?

I just haven’t gotten round to updating my blog in ages. I am not going to go into a week by week account of what I have been up too but I have had an eventful few weeks. I have been bowling again and I haven’t done that in years. I have also tried my hand at throwing a dart or two but Hmmm, well, that didn’t quite go to plan although I do have to say, I wasn’t the worst at that one. I have also been quite busy on the gigs front too.

Tomorrow fortnight the 9th of November will see me back on the box on Glor Tire on TG4 here in Ireland for the second programme that I will be doing for the show. There is one more pre-recorded programme that I will be featured on which will be shown on the 23rd of November and the week after that will see the start of the live eliminations where people will be voted off the show each week. There will be four of these shows with the winner announced the week before Christmas. All the details about the programme I have wrote about in an earlier post so I won’t go through it here again.

Today has been a mixture of a day for me. I had written before that Ralph will be facing into retirement very soon. Well, today saw the start of it with a visit from an instructor from Guide Dogs to re-interview me to be put back on the waiting list for a new dog. I was actually dreading this day over the past while as I found it a little sad to think that I would be discussing a new dog and what I wanted to have in a new dog while Ralph was still here and also, facing into the fact that Ralph would have to stop working soon and retire and that he was not going to just go on for ever.

Anyway, I met the person from Guide Dogs here at my house just after 1:00. I had decided this morning that I just had to face this and there was no point in being silly about it all and try to see it as a positive experience. I know that Ralph will be very happy in his retirement living with my parents. I suppose its just hard to think that he won’t be working with me any more and that I will have to put my trust in a new dog. I have to say though that the trainer was very nice and extremely understanding of how I was and am feeling about it all. She totally relaxed me and I found myself enjoying the visit and really being able to chat to her very much in an informal way about what I would like in a new dog and about my circumstances at the moment with work and my home life and my social routines and so on. Guide Dogs need to collect this information if they are to make a successful match with me and a potential successor for Ralph.

At the end of our walk which went on longer than I had thought it would we went for a short walk around the block here at my house. She asked me if I just wanted to do the walk with Ralph and she could see my walking pace from that or would I like to walk with her. My walking pace has to be measured so that the dog that I am matched with will have as similar a pace as I do. I chose to walk with her even though I hated having to hold on to a harness and walk with her like that. I would be just thinking of people walking past thinking, “what the fuck are they doing”? Anyway, we did pass one or two people but they didn’t even know me so it was all good. I thought she would get a better feel for my pace by walking with her than taking Ralph out. We finished chatting and she went on her way just before half 3 so it was a good meeting and very beneficial to me I felt. Because of commitments I have and stuff between work and music I probably will not train with a new dog till at least late February or March and Mr. Ralph will keep working with me till then.

There are a few people that read this blog that have been very supportive to me over the last while when I have bored them with questions or just talking about how I felt about it all and you know who you are. I would like to thank you for your support and really, its great to have friends like you. I am also being told of more people stumbling across this blog and its great that you are enjoying reading it. I update when I can or when I have something useful to say so do keep checking back and I do welcome all comments.