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Remembering the good old days

Ok, I don’t want to be accused of being some boring fella with too much time on his hands but last night I just got thinking about the good old days.

Or, were they?

I suppose I look on my life as a series of events and I don’t know why but the past two nights I have dreamed that I was back in school. I don’t know why this is and what significance it has but it was a bit crepey. It wasn’t that I was back and it was the old days but back as if I was in the present and meeting teachers that I didn’t know but somehow thinking that they had started there or something.

Anyway, it just got me thinking of my childhood and the things that I got up to and how I use to dread each weekend ending as I had to make sure that my bag was packed and all homework done and saying goodbye to everyone as I got into the car to head back to school in ublin for another week. There were times that I really envied my brother and sister that got to stay at home and go to school in Carlow where I am from. Being blind meant that I didn’t have the opportunity to stay at home and be educated here.

So, sitting here in my sitting room tweeting I just suddenly thought, haven’t things changed so much since the time I was a kid.

I remember when I was young I wanted to be in radio. I wanted to be a presenter or a news reporter or just anything that involved working in radio. I use to pretend that I was and that I had my own programme. Music was a big part of my life and while we only had the two national stations when I was small the radio was a big part of my day and indeed I spent long hours listening to it or tapes and even racords that my parents bought for me.

As kids we all rode bikes and I remember doing that also around the yard which was quite big and we had a horse which myself and my brother use to take out and I could even walk her round our garden and she was just so gentle with me.

Nowadays it is all different. Sure I have grown older and my life is now changed so much but even for kids growing up now its all so different. Computer games now take the place of going out cycling or horse riding or simply playing outside and stuff like that. Will the kids of the future just not bother getting out and about and just taking in fresh air instead of just being in watching TV and playing computer games?

Ok, so it just got me thinking. I wonder if it will get others thinking of their childhoods also?

Law and order

\Ok, so I am sitting here listening to a current affairs programme on the TV and I have to just wonder what are people going on about?

When I bought my house almost 5 years ago I came to live in it on my own.

I remember the day very wel when I moved in. It was a Thursday evening and I remember when my parents who were helping with the move, left locking the entry doors and checking that I had done it. I had my dog Ralph who thankfully is still with me here and I felt safe but there was always the realisation that something could happen and I was on my own in a house that I had just bought not knowing many people around me and I had to be alert.

I have heard countless radio stories about people terrified because of some shitheads that have taken an opportunity and entered a persons home illegally and either beat them up or just robbed them of what they had. A lot of these stories will be about elderly people or people that will not have the means to protect themselves. The question I asked myself for a long time up to now was why?

Now, finally someone is seing some sense.

We are being told of a new bill which is at the moment being put together by the law reform commission here in Ireland which may help to change some of what has happen.

Now, if a little shithead tries to enter my home uninvited I may have the power if I wish to use it to fight them off. If I feel threatened I don’t care bill or no bill I would do what ever I could if I felt that I had the nerve to do it but if this law is passed it will protect me because at the moment I am just meant to retreat and wait to be rescued by the police.

So, why am I writing about this cause surely this is great news?

No, this is terrible news. The burglar won’t have as many rights as before. Imagine, our friends in the Irish council for civil liberties are shocked to hear that we could be doing something that would diminish the rights of a burglar that may get into my house and possibly threaten me or put me in danger. “Remember, a burglar has rights too.” That is what I heard one of them saying on a programme I listened to recently and that really infuriated me.

So, tonight I heard it being debated again and yes, the old bullshit came out again oh we just give them bigger sentences in prison and leave all alone. But thankfully the government and myself are on side on this one. It seems that we will get some sort of protection and that I know if I hear someone coming into my house ready to rob it I can try if possible to protect myself and my property and know that the law will be on my side.

So, just in case they lose the plot as sometimes happens I would urge that anyone that reads this blog entry contacts their local TD and just gives their support to thisbill and encourages them to bring it forward and hopefully we can hope that people will feel secure in their homes.

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