Well, its all over.

All that shopping and organising and wrapping of presents and cake baking, Hmmmmm, not that I did any of that, and drunken Christmas parties, yes I did one of those are all gone for another year.

When does it really all begin?

We dont even have time to get Halloween out of the way now before we are all thinking about it and then it just comes and suddenly all the days leading up to it have just slipped us by and we are in the middle of Christmas day.

Well, not quite, it starts for me on Christmas eve. I went to Midnight mass and listening to the priest talking and the choir singing Silent Night and Angels We have Heard on High immediately allowed me to feel that it was Christmas and that it had finally come.

I won’t bore you with much of yesterday morning as it was just spendt getting ready to go to my parents for Christmas dinner and seing the rest of the family.

What I did decide to do was to send everyone in my phone book that I talk to a text for Christmas as I was sick of getting messages that I would have to reply to individually so I just said feck it, lets jus send everyone one. It mightn’t be the most personal but hey, it did the trick didn’t it?
Dinner was lovely. IT was so nice that I had to have an extra portion the greedy pig that I am.
We have done a Kris Kindle at our house over the past few years and I think its great. My sister Audrey was my Kris Kindle and I had my other sister Karen. Audrey gave me a vouture for a local record shop which is great as I wll then choose my own music from that and I went to a local healthcare/beauty store where a lot of the girls would know Karen and I got one of them to put together some products for me as a gift that she would enjoy using. My granny gave me a present also of a vouture for a local clothes shop that I go to and I will use that in the near future. I also bought her a little set with perfume and other bits in it.

Then there came the TV moments and I have to say for me this year Fair city was the most exciting. Things on the street were a bit more predictible as I had been hearing about what the possi ilities were and in the east end, well, my money is on Stacy as the one that has killed Archy.
So, apart ffom a bit of serfing on the TV for different things that may be on and a few cans that sort of ended my Christmas day. I wouldn’t change it though as I love spending it at home.

Off to England for the new year and I have one more gift to pick up over there but as of yet it has been kept a secret so I really don’t know what it is.
So, that was my Christmas, nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular just a plane ordinary Christmas for me and its the way I like it.