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Hello and welcome to the nickykealy.com website. This site is all about me, my music and my blog. . For a while now I have wanted to start blogging and for people to be able to interact with me and now here is your chance. I welcome any comments and feedback on my blog on things in general that you will find here.

Musically I have had many different adventures over the years through my participation in competitions like the Fleadh Ceol and local talent shows and my time in the school band when we took part in the Slogadh competition. Currently I perform with my own one man show and recently I have performed on Cruise ships and different Irish centres from Manchester to New York. Visit the soon to be available music page to learn more about me and my music.

So, Who am I? I think I am your normal run of the mill bloke really! Some people will probably dispute that though. I live in the southeast of Ireland and I have a Guide Dog called Orrin. I love the chance to sit down for a chat with people in a good pub with a nice atmosphere. I am very interested in History particularly Irish history. Be sure to keep checking back here from time to time to learn more about me. \should I expand on this description? No. I think I’ll leave the rest to the blog.

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